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See Qatar Visa Rules

See Qatar Visa Rules and Requirements

Visit visa is a material for vacation verifiers, those who expect to spend more than 14 days in Qatar and those who come to visit the family go on such a long business trip. This requires sponsorship of a resident of Qatar or an authorized company or lodging to operate within the country.

Qatar’s Ministry of Interior provides a variety of passage visas, including visa-on-attendance, early visas, and electronic notices, depending on the law and preference. Candidates should have a valid visa for at least half a year and a return ticket or front ticket showing a few countries may similarly require accommodation reservation, money or charge card.

Sun Visa Division in Qatar
Guests from most nations on the planet will now be able to enter Qatar’s Sun Visa or collect an online application depending on the identification they will make.

Citizens of more than 60 countries are allowed to pass Sun Visa in Qatar, which allows for a change of status. Citizens of these countries do not need a previous visa to travel to Qatar and can obtain a visa waiver by appearing in Qatar after a year and a half of basic validity and confirmation of a forward or return ticket.

So, you are more likely to have a place with countries that are allowed to pass the Sun Visa, which means that you do not need to plan a visa game before you go to Qatar and you will be eligible for a visa waiver.

Eligibility to pass Sun Visa to appear in Qatar

Here is the rundown of countries recognized by the Sun Visa Division. Citizens of these countries are eligible to qualify for a Sun visa upon arrival in Qatar

Inspected Qatar visa rules
Rundown of countries for 180-day one and a half year validity

In the event of a people of any one nation recorded below, your visa will have a validity of 180 days from the date of issuance of the waiver and the holder will be able to travel alone to Qatar for 90 days, or to various foreign countries.

For nationals having a place with the beneath recorded nations, the visa waiver would be substantial for 30 days from the date of issuance and the holder is qualified for remain for upto 30 days in Qatar during a solitary outing or on different excursions. The waiver can be reached out for another 30days.






South Africa

South Korea









Rundown of nations for 30-day legitimacy

Citizens of Pakistan can also enter Qatar without a visa and travel to Qatar within 30 days for single or multiple trips and if they meet the conditions they are given the opportunity to arrive for an additional 30 days:

Must have passport with half year validity
The return of the ticket should be confirmed
Guarantee of lodging booking and the remaining span should be introduced
There should be enough charge cards
Those who come directly from Pakistan should make a vaccination announcement against polio.
The visa can be extended once the return ticket is confirmed.

Guests from all the different countries excluded from the rundown of the countries mentioned above should obtain their visas before appearing in Qatar.

Occupiers of the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia and GCC or Arab states who hold positions recognized in clinic specialists, money managers, architects and other authorized callings do not require visas.

Online family inspection visa application strategy
Electronic Assistance gives occupants the ability to apply for a visit visa for first or second class family members on the web for their parents, spouse, children or family members. With this e-application administration, the candidate can transfer all important reports from the deliverable fields and also track the status of the request and pay the cost electronically whenever it is confirmed.

Visa fee
The cost of QR200 is relevant for each visa, QR50 per day for each registered ward or partner as appropriate, the visa is extended against the same type of charge without penalty of QR200.

Leave the visa
All residents, except women and children supported by their parents or spouses, need a holiday visa before leaving Qatar. Discount grants are usually organized by support.

Visa application process
Ostriches visiting Doha need to have an identity and a visa. Then, if you plan a trip to Doha, start measuring your visa application at least a month before you travel. In most cases, applying for a visa is easy, and should be possible online at the Ministry of Home Affairs entrance or by order.

Here is the overall offline procedure for a family visit visa:

Attach important records, for example, duplicates of unique IDs or several sufficient visa identification identities of the couple

A letter from the spouse’s manager announcing the calling and compensation.

Duplicate verified marriage approval.

If a visa is required for different family members

Duplicate the unique ID or duplicate visa and add enough identity of the guest

Significant housing licenses or significant other visas to support the contract in the private term.

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